Jim Krueger

Jim Krueger is a comic book writer, filmmaker and novelist

Jim Krueger is a comic book writer, filmmaker and novelist.

During his first year as a copywriter he two won Addy Awards. The following year he became a creative director at Marvel Comics. Since that time Jim Kruegar has become a freelance comic book writer. His works include Alphabet Supes, The Foot Soldiers, The Last Straw Man, and The Clock Maker. His comic book writings include the Earth X trilogy for Marvel Comics with Alex Ross. He also has written for The Matrix Comics, Batman, Star Wars, X-men, Galatica, and Micronauts. Since then he has introduced two new comic book formats. His other major projects with Alex Ross are Capone vs. Dracula, Avengers/Invaders, and Justice. His first novel has, thus far, not been revealed. He is the president/ publisher of his own comic book company called 26 Soldiers. Wizard magazine named him one of the top ten writers in the comic industry and an innovator in the field.